There's Nothing Wrong with You

Many of my clients initially think there is something wrong with them that needs fixing. They're feeling depressed or anxious, or some other kind of uncomfortable, and they locate the problem in themselves. Almost always, no, always, I reorient them to what's really going on. You're anxious? That makes sense, you're in the middle of a contentious divorce. You're depressed? That makes sense, you're grieving a loved one and you're not sure what's next in your life. Or your kids are going through a hard time and you don't know how to help them. Or you're overtaxed and don't know how to slow down in our hectic culture. Or you've had a health scare, or any number of other things. Including making choices over and over that you know aren't in your best interest. Humans are complicated and it's sometimes difficult to understand ourselves That still doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. It means you might want to spend some time listening more deeply to yourself and learn some new skills to manage your life better and to feel better. But none of it means there's anything fundamentally wrong with you. When a child is learning something new, or entering a new stage of life, we don't say there's anything wrong with them - we know they're still learning. And it's helpful to get the support of a trained professional who can offer you a different perspective and help you learn some new skills. It's especially helpful if said professional knows there's nothing fundamentally wrong with you.

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