Change, whether we want it or not, is always happening....
  • Feeling stuck?  Overwhelmed?

  • Unable to create the change you want?

  • Reeling from an unexpected or unwanted change?

  • Too much change at once?

Work with me to...

  • Navigate change with greater ease

  • Discover or re-discover inner strengths

  • Improve access to your own inner wisdom

  • Increase mind/body awareness

  • Increase compassion for yourself

  • Find better equilibrium despite circumstances

  • Learn or re-learn how to believe in yourself

I teach clients to  transform struggle and suffering into gifts that lead to deeper satisfaction and alignment with their most essential selves.

My clients are smart, successful people who have tried all the standard ways of navigating change:  trying harder, muscling through, psychotherapy, and others.   But the standard ways are just not working any more, and my clients know it’s time to try something different. They also know the importance of investing in themselves at critical times.


In my career as a therapist and as a life coach, I’ve learned that if you can embrace whatever you’re struggling with, and learn to approach it — and yourself — in a different way, it can actually lead you to the life you want. What you consider your problem is actually the key to greater peace, contentment, and joy. 


Psychotherapy has been a deeply satisfying career — fully attending to another person, listening to their pain, secrets, and truths as well as their hopes, joys, and dreams, and bearing witness to them. It is a sacred honor and my life’s work. It is a privilege to play a role in someone’s healing and transformation. 


Why did I become a life coach, then? To be perfectly honest, I used to look down my nose at life coaches. I thought psychotherapy held more promise, had more substance, and was better than life coaching. After all, I’d worked hard to earn my degree and my license. And then I developed some health challenges that I wasn’t able to manage well. I knew I needed help, something other than what traditional medicine or therapy could provide.  I was frustrated and tired and life coaching was the only thing I hadn’t tried.  So, I hired a life coach, and I was happily surprised. A good dose of humility, some investment in myself, and doing the work have led me several years later to my coaching business. Of course, I bring all my education and experience with me, and I think they add depth to my coaching work with clients. 

I have over 30 years’ experience as a psychotherapist in various settings. I have completed Martha Beck’s Wayfinder Life Coach Training, and I am trained in divorce mediation, collaborative divorce, and trauma. 

I have learned the deep joy of simple pleasures, being in sync with your own soul, connected and grounded in your body, and the confidence and strength that is born of struggle, pain and grief.  All of this to say that I know what it's like to struggle, and I know what it takes to get through to the other side, and be better for it.  I can help you to do the same. 

I’m also a yoga teacher, and I have loved and ridden horses most of my life.  Along with my professional studies and years of experience, I bring the philosophies, values, and benefits of these practices to my coaching.


"Sarah has helped me overcome anxiety, trauma and improve my relationships with myself and others by guiding me in developing deeper cognitive and emotional skills. Her feedback is thoughtful, knowledgeable and practical. She is incredible to work with and has truly given me the support to become self assured and balanced in this busy world. Thank you Sarah!"

-Mary H.

Goshen, NY

"Sarah's insight and wisdom helped me through the most difficult time of my life - my divorce. Years later, when I noticed some unhealthy patterns, she understood my situation clearly and was able to provide me with practical tools to be calm and centered, and to take control of my life. Sarah's keen understanding of people and her gentle but no-nonsense approach has helped me to progress tremendously, and I recommend her without reservation."


- CD

"Thank you so so so so much!!!!  The coaching call was helpful in an unexpected way!  Your clients are blessed to have you!"


 Gina C.  


"Sarah is honest and straight forward, compassionate and knowable. She always has a suggestion to make whether it is a book to read or the exploration of an exercise/activity. I value her opinions and guidance as a person and a professional. She has been very helpful and encouraging. Her insight helps me to put things into perspective and look at things differently. Sarah is always patient and respectful. She is very much  aware of how your emotional state of mind is totally related to your physical and mental well being. Working with her nourishes the soul  and will help you heal."


Susan S. Monroe, NY



For that hard to define something that’s missing in your life ---

for the dream you think you’ll never attain but can’t let go of ---

for those sticky issues in your life that aren’t going away and aren’t getting better ----  

because you just can’t seem to get out of your own way. 


Coaching is a valuable resource for helping create the change you want.  We all need someone objective to tell us what we’re not seeing about how we’re perpetuating the issue we want to change.  We all do it, and we all need someone else to help us see it.  You can’t know what color your eyes are unless you look in a mirror.  A coach can function as a mirror, one skilled at asking strategic questions, and reflecting yourself back to you in a fresh and compassionate way.  It’s a process that helps you give life to new possibilities you didn’t even know were there.  It’s a little bit ‘o magic.  Really. 


This is arguably the most difficult time in your life, and it just makes good sense to get some professional, objective help.  Your friends and family are great, but they’re not objective. Nor is your lawyer a therapist. Give yourself the gift of a Divorce Coach to help you through this process.  The process of Divorce itself is just as important as the outcome and can have long-term ramifications, especially if you have children.  You will be able to use your time with your lawyer much more efficiently because you won’t be using your lawyer as a coach. 


I have practiced psychotherapy for over 30 years in various settings, I have training in Divorce Mediation, Collaborative Divorce, Trauma Recovery, and I am a Life Coach. Clients who work with me learn new skills to help manage intense emotions and make difficult decisions with more clarity and confidence. You will be able to avoid unnecessary escalations in your divorce, and get better at living with the necessary discomfort of change for you and your children.  You will learn to improve access to your own inner wisdom, increase mindy/body awareness, and increase your compassion for yourself.  Yes, all that!   And sometimes clients return for more coaching when they’re ready to begin rebuilding their lives. 


You may be unsure about whether you want to pursue divorce.  This is a huge decision, and one you should have help in figuring out.  I teach clients tools to help discern what your inner most self really wants and needs, and how to manage all the fear and anxiety that tends to cloud our thinking.  And if you decide to stay in your marriage, the things you learn about yourself through coaching, including practical strategies for managing emotions, will help you do that too.


SET OF 4, 60 MINUTE SESSIONS..................$600


SET OF 8, 60 MINUTE SESSIONS..................$1,100


SET OF 12, 60 MINUTE SESSIONS..................$1,600



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